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Notes for English

Fiction Review

Poetry Review
Poetry Overview
How to Read a Poem
En. 12 Literary Terms
En. 12 Exam Specs

Test Sites Info

Point of View
Character Types
The "Human Condition"
What is Style?
Shakespeare's Words and Phrases

English Review Quizzes

Marking Shorthands

Grammar & Words

Grammar Reviews



Paragraph Overview
Complex Writing Video
Basic Explanation Paragraphs
Complex Comparison Paragraphs
Marking Criteria

Note Taking

Outline Notes
Cornell Notes
Cornell Notes Template
Question Notes
Quote Notes
5 W's & H Chart


Essay Command Questions
Argument Evaluation
Organizing Typologies
Logical Fallacies
Organizing Our Ideas for Writing

Course Operation

FirstClass Settings (Reg.)

FirstClass Settings (Large)
Completing Assignments
Discussion Group Video



An Introduction to the Essay
Complex Writing Video
Essay Basics
The Writing Process
The Thesis
The Introductory Paragraph
Basic Essay Outline
Blocked Essay Outline
Essay Command Questions
Marking Criteria

Essay Types

Expository Essays
pdf Sample Expository Essay
Compare/Contrast Essays
sdf Basic C/C Essay Outline
Persuasive Essays
Pro/Con Essays
Narrative Essays
Thematic Essays

Essay Detailing

FVDES Bibliography Guide
FVDES Footnotes
A Sample Cover Page
Using Quotations
How to Properly Format Titles