Works Cited:
A FVDES Style Guide to Bibliographies

A. What to include in your works cited (i.e. your bibliography):

a. All sources used in researching your project
b. Any material you quote
c. Any material you have paraphrased but not necessarily quoted

B. Constructing a citation:

a. List entries alphabetically by the last name of the first author mentioned on the work's Title Page.
b. When no author is identified, alphabetize the entry by the first word in the title (disregard A, An and The).
c. Underline or italicize the title of a book, magazine, album or CD.
d. Units within a larger work (e.g. chapters in a book, articles in a magazine, songs in an album) are enclosed in "quotation marks."
e. Give the commonly used short form of a publisher's name, omitting Company, Ltd., Inc, etc..
f. Give the year of (the most recent) publication recorded on the book.
g. For daily and weekly publications, give the full date (day, month, year) of the issue.
h. Always indent the second and subsequent lines.

C. Examples

1. Book with a Single Author

Author. Title. Place of publication: publisher, year.

Haworth, Mike. The Art of Programming: Demands for Clarity and Originality.
ddddddVancouver: Macromedia Press, 2004.

2. Book with Multiple Authors

Up to 3 authors (first name inverted). Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, Year. (Note: first name is inverted while the others are not).

Gagne, P., C. Welch and D. Chand. Adventures in Online Learning. New
ddddddYork: Vintage, 1998.

3. Internet Information

Author "Title of Information Quoted." Medium. Source Availability; Address, Date. [Only use the base address and main pages; any subsequent symbols should be omitted.]

Enns, G. "Dallas Cowboys Fan Code of Conduct." Online. Dallas Cowboy's
dddddHomepage. Available:, December

4. Items in an Anthology [of poems, short stories, articles]

Author of the article or story, title of the book. Editor. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date of Publication, Pages.

Yakimow, Gord. "My Magnificent Moose Hunt." Annoying Stories of the
ddddddNorth. Ed. M. Morris, New York: Harper, 1979. 127-35.

5. Encyclopedia Article

Author of Article. "Article Title." Encyclopedia Set. Edition Date.

Hubner, A. "Shakespeare." The Canadian Encyclopedia. 1992 ed.

6. Magazine Article

Author. "Article Title." Magazine. Date: Pages.

Wilson, G. "My Life as a Leaf Fan." Hockey Digest. May 1993: pp. 10-12.

7. Newspaper Article

Author of Article "Article Title" Newspaper (Date), Section/Pages.

Porro, G. "UFO Hoax Uncovered." Vancouver Sun. (2004, August 16),
ddddddp. A 22.

8. Television or Radio Program

Title of Program. Network, Local Affiliate and City, Date.

"The Fifth Estate." CBC. CBUT, Vancouver. 15 August 1990.

9. Films and Videotapes

Title. Distributor, year.

Winnie the Pooh and the Honey Tree. Walt Disney Home Video, 1985.

10. Personal Interview

Name of the Person Interviewed. Personal interview date.

Goldsmith, John. Personal interview. 15 September 2003.

11. Compact Disk

Author "Article Title." Magazine Title, Date: Paging, Medium, Data Base Name, Date.

Lyon, B. "Fun With Dissection." Science News. 12 May 1996:
ddddddpp. 60-64. CD-ROM SMAS 1997.

12. Book with a Corporate Author

Corporate Author. Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date.

Fraser Valley Distance Education School. Great Lessons for Online Students.
ddddddVictoria: B.C. Ministry of Education, 2003.


13. Edited Collections

Inverted Name of Editor Followed by a Comma and "ed." Title. Place of Publication: Publisher, Date

Bullock, J., ed. Social Studies Online. Los Angeles: Random House, 2001.

This style guide was adapted from an earlier guide,
with permission from R. Meadwell of Chilliwack Senior Secondary.