English Links

Open School BC's Online Style Guide

Capital Community College's Guide to Grammar and Writing
Awesome! It has everything.

Resources for English Literature 12 (not English 12)

Review Quizzes for English 12 and Literature 12








Writing: Structure, Style and Grammar

The Writing Den's Help With Essays
The Blue Book of Grammar and Punctuation
The OWL Page on Grammar Punctuation and Spelling
The University of Ottawa Punctuation Page
UNCCH: Writing Effective Transitions
Common Errors in English

Literary Terms

Thomson-Gale Glossary of Literary Terms
Norton's Litweb Glossary of Literary Terms
Virtual Salt Literary Terms
A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms
The Virtual Classroom Glossary of Literary Terms
The Nellens' Literary Terms Page
Bedford-St. Martin's Glossary of Literary Terms


The Complete Works of William Shakespeare
Mr. William Shakespeare and the Internet
Shakespeare's Life and Times
Shakespearean Insults
Bard on the Beach

Shakespeare's Dramas

BBC and Macbeth
Thinkquest: Macbeth

Analyzing Genres

UNC's Poetry Analysis Page
Norton's Workshop on Poetry
Listen to poetry online!

Paul Brians' Study Guide for Literature
BBC's Writing About Non-Fiction
BBC's Reading Non-Fiction
Norton's Workshop on Drama

Writing About Literature

Norton's Writing About Literature
Online Writing Lab's Writing About Literature
UNC's Poetry Analysis Page

Writing Dialogue

Mr. Braiman's English: Dialogue Basics
Mr. Braiman's English: Dialogue Punctuation
More Dialogue Punctuation

Odds and Sods

Bartlett's Familiar Quotations
An Online Rhyming Dictionary
Open School BC's English 11 Website
Open School BC's English 12 Website

Evaluating Internet Sources: U of Toronto
Evaluating Internet Sources: Virtual Salt





















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